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Audio Sermons

C. D. Brooks

When will Earths Sickness be Cured

The Handwriting on the Wall

Claimed and Kept

Happiness for Husbands and Wives

Can the Bible be Trusted

Gods Looking Glass

When Grace is a Curse

The New Testament Sabbath

The Gospel of the Colors

God in Bad Company

What was nailed to the Cross

Love and Duty

The Unpardonable Sin

Who Changed the Sabbath

What Church would Jesus Join

The Discipline of Trials

Lost in Church

Bible Baptism

Failing Desires

Naaman the Leper

Bloody Water, Boils & Blisters

The Seven Seals of Revelation

The Man who Robbed God

The 2 preachers who quit going to church

The Mark of the Beast

The man who was killed trying to help God

Knock out your eye, cut off your hand

Christ the open way

The Laughter of God

A Plain talk about Sex for singles


Audio Sermons

Walter Pearson

A Woman Called Somebody part 1

A Woman Called Somebody part 2

Authorized Break-In Part 1

Authorized Break-In Part 2

Decisions part 1

Decisions part 2

Everybody Cried part 1

Everybody Cried part 2

God is in Control part 1

God is in Control part 2

If God be for You part 1

If God be for You part 2

Medicine and Magnetism Part 1

Medicine and Magnetism Part 2

Overnight part 1

Overnight part 2

Standing Still in a Storm part 1

Standing Still in a Storm part 2

The Accuser Rebuked part 1

The Accuser Rebuked part 2

Walls part 1

Walls part 2

When God Steps In part 1

When God Steps In part 2

Who are You part 1

Who are You part 2





Audio Sermons

H.M.S Richards

The Birth of the World

The Serpent

The Lamb

Murder in the Field

Boat on Dry Ground

The Last Chance

The Flood

The Tower of Confusion

God of the Mountains

Up the Great River

The Land of Promises

Abraham in Egypt

The Mistake Lot Made

The Battle of the Kings

The Smoking Furnace

The Run Away

The Man Who Laughed

Three Strange Visitors

Angels at the Gate

The Day the Fire Came Down

Boy Called Laughter

The Human Sacrifice


Lentil Stew

Jacob the Con Artist

Stairway to Heaven